What is this?

Our Premise is that We Heart Seattle Causes Harm

Harmful Mistruths

We Heart Seattle’s false claims debunked

We get consent before throwing people’s things away

We are welcomed into encampments by residents

We give cash stipends for helping us clean up.

Problematic Practices

A catalog of relevant history


Harmful Mistruths


Learn how We Heart Seattle perpetuates harmful stereotypes about the unhoused.


Organizational & Leadership Malfeasance


Protecting a child sex offender and paying homeless laborers less than minimum wage are just the tip of the iceberg.


Follow the Money


Where have millions of dollars in charitable donations gone? We're following the money.


We get our data from multiple places

First-hand Accounts

Unhoused neighbors and others share their encounters with We Heart Seattle through our incident report form.

Public Opinion

We keep our finger on the pulse of what the media and community are saying about We Heart Seattle.

Public Data

We monitor publicly available data from local law enforcement, and branches of city, county and state government.

Latest News

Andrea Suarez left Sam Lange out in the cold with nothing.