We recognize that there’s a lot of content to wade through on this website, and that it may not be super obvious where to begin if you’re unfamiliar with the subject matter. To save you some time and effort, we’ve rolled up the most important details into a sort of cliff notes version of the timeline where you can get to know the issues on a high level and dive deeper into individual topic areas from here.

Our premise is that We Heart Seattle causes harm.

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Many have come forward with accounts of their homes destroyed and belongings taken

We have collected reports directly from our unhoused neighbors, of many instances in which their tents and personal belongings have been taken by We Heart Seattle.

Here are some of said reports:

A second collection from our friends, North Seattle Neighbors:

In many cases, the households that Andrea Suarez and crew so haphazardly throw away are the only belongings these folks have in the world, which only piles more trauma onto their struggle to survive.

Suarez claims that no one has ever told her she's thrown away their stuff as justification to ignore the feedback, and it doesn't seem to matter if it's coming directly from the people she's harmed.

After a year and a half without relent, we have zero hope that this behavior will change.

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Lied about harboring a child sex offender

Andrea Suarez willfully concealed the fact that one of her core volunteers is a registered child sex offender.

She knowingly exposed both the vulnerable population she serves as well as her minor volunteers to potential harm, while outwardly maintaining that her organization does not work with sex offenders of any kind.

We are supportive of recovery and reintegration into society for sex offenders under honest circumstances and believe that Suarez's choice to handle the situation this way was as unfair to her volunteer as it was anyone who's safety may have been at risk as a result of his presence.

Suarez remains unapologetic for her actions.

Read more about it here:

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No transparency about their funding

We Heart Seattle provides no transparency about where their funds come from as well as how they are used.

Apart from a passing reference in an article published by the Seattle Times, there is no known record of their finances.

In that article, Andrea is quoted saying We Heart Seattle has received $300,000 in cash donations along side charitable gifts of a vehicle, some laptop computers and the use of their two (rumored to soon be three) downtown Seattle office spaces.

One might begin to wonder how We Heart Seattle isn't just another player in the homeless industrial complex,

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Believes the homeless should be forced to work to have basic needs provided for

Andrea Suarez made her debut by verbally abusing mutual aid volunteers who had organized a hamburger cookout at a local park. Suarez called them enablers and insisted that the unhoused should be required to pick up trash before they are given something to eat.

One of the volunteers wrote email to Suarez following the event to give her a piece of her mind and received this in reply.

Holding people accountable and empowering them to do something is giving them a hand up, not a hand out. We train dogs, we parent toddlers, and there is no reason we cannot expect the homeless, addicted or mentally ill to be challenged more to contribute something.

Suarez doesn't like it when this comes up a year and a half later, claiming that folks are twisting her words and making a big deal out of nothing.

However, these are her own words whether she likes it or not, and she's playing coy to act like she doesn't understand why mutual aid organizations such as this one are so outspoken against her. She introduced herself through verbal assault, and her contempt towards mutual aid volunteers has not relented to this day.

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Partners with anti-homeless hate group Safe Seattle

Andrea Suarez herself is featured as one of the top participants in their online Facebook community.

The founder of Safe Seattle has gone so far as to sue the city of Seattle (and fortunately lost) in an attempt to prevent the construction of the tiny home communities the city provides as long term transitional housing. He has personally doxxed several of those who have been brave enough to speak out against his egregious, questionably criminal behavior, one even reporting an attempted arson of their residence a few years ago.

Any affiliation with this group immediately raises red flags, but active involvement in it speaks volumes to the true motivations of We Heart Seattle.

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Proponents of forced hospitalization and rehab

Andrea Suarez has said on more than one occassion, most notably during a recent interview on Mike Solan's podcast, that she is a proponent of forced hospitalization and rehab for the unhoused.

You can listen to it here.

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Has pushed for legislation that would illegalize mutual aid and harm reduction

Andrea Suarez believes in giving people a hand up, not a hand out, not housing first but housing earned, etc.

In accordance with these beliefs, she has on several occasions written to city council and the mayor's office urging them to support passing legislature similar to Spokane, Washington that would make it illegal to bring meals and harm reduction supplies to individuals residing in city parks

Not surprisingly, death by overdose skyrocketed in Spokane following those laws going into effect.

Illegalizing homelessness is not only ineffective, it's inhumane.

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Practices violate legal requirements for operating as a federal 501(c)3 non-profit

From political lobbying and candidate endorsement to employing people who were formerly beneficiaries of We Heart Seattle's charity, they violate almost every legal requirement to be recognized as a federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization in good standing.

Were it not for a multi-year backup at the IRS auditing department, wherein less than two dozen complaints have been investigated in the last handful of years, We Heart Seattle would be in hot water with the fed.

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Does not provide long term solutions

Emergency shelters and tent cities are not a long term housing solutions, and yet this is where many of the people Andrea Suarez claims to have helped have been sent.

Many have since returned to homelessness on the street, and some never truly left, as the recent fiasco with Charles Woodward would demonstrate.

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They are not qualified case managers nor social workers

Despite what Andrea Suarez would have the world believe, she nor anyone else within the We Heart Seattle organization apart from their board president Kevin Dahlgren (who lives and works in Portland, Oregon), are licensed social workers, or even remotely qualified to call themselves a case manger.

This is evidenced in spades by the current and ongoing ordeal involving Charles Woodward of Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

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Andrea Suarez falsely represents herself and/or relationships for personal gain

Not being a qualified case manager didn't stop Andrea Suarez from impersonating one in order to gain access to someone at a youth shelter.

There are multiple documented instances in which she has falsely represented herself and/or a relationship for her own benefit. Many city officials will have nothing to do with her for that reason.

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Many have been sent out of state

Andrea Suarez says in many interviews about her organization, that Seattle's homelessness issue is largely due to an influx problem, claiming that many of the people who live on our streets came here from other states due to the generous benefits available to the unhoused here.

We could spend a great deal of time dissecting the many ways in which perpetuation of this false belief is problematic, but we have more important things to focus on here.

Two things have resulted from Suarez's position on the matter:

  1. Many people that Suarez claims to have housed have simply received a bus ticket to a destination out of state never to be heard from again.
  2. During Jeff Woodward's tenure on the We Heart Seattle board of directors, there are two known cases in which people acquiesced to being sent to the Bybee Lake shelter just outside of Portland, Oregon.

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City government told them to stop

In October of 2021, the Seattle City Council and former mayor Durkan's office both ordered We Heart Seattle to cease and desist for many of the same reasons enumerated here.

Given that, it puzzles the mind as to why they are still allowed to continue operating.

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Invasion of privacy

One of the more grotesque features of the way We Heart Seattle operates is the frequent posting of pictures of them and their residences all over their public Facebook group.


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