Andrea Suarez brings unwanted media presence to downtown Seattle encampment

January 31, 2022 | False Claims, Home Destroyed

This account is from a mutual aid volunteer who is well established at the Dexter encampment:

WHS came out to Dexter camp to do their “clean up and outreach” and even brought out Brandi Kruse to interview Suarez and video around people’s homes without consent. Mutual aid folx came out (I included) to ensure that they aren’t trashing people’s tents again. I noticed the 2nd week of January half the tents had been cleared. Two residents told me it was WHS that did that without getting consent from the owners of the tents.

Today, Suarez was with a resident that I don’t often see during our mutual aid on Fridays, but am familiar with at the camp. He seems to be the one that WHS gets “consent” to come out from and he seems to tell WHS to throw away other resident’s belongings. He stated that people are “lazy” and “just hoarding” trash and junk. It seems that just 1 resident’s ok is enough for WHS to do what they want to the rest of the camp.

As it will later come to be known by those of you who don’t already, the MO described above is widely acknowledged to be consistent with our individual observations reaching back to the very dawn of We Heart Seattle.

Andrea Suarez makes no consideration for the necessity of obtaining consent from the individuals whose belongings she intends to dispose of, and it’s abundantly clear to us that were it not for the presence of observers, she wouldn’t bother seeking the token of consent she claims to be permission, from anyone other than the rightful owner of said stuff . Whenever she prefaces a story with a disclaimer about having sought consent to do whatever it is she’s about to describe, this in fact represents the giant red flag indicating an utter lack of it. This hypotheses more often than not checks out, corroborated by Andrea’s own telling of events and later substantiated six ways to Sunday by first-hand accounts from the unfortunate victims of her cruelty,   It then stands to reason that anything Andrea qualifies with a disclaimer is inherently not trustable.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Andrea’s was visiting the Dexter encampment with Brandi Kruse in tow this week, she did not only go traipsing into people’s homes without permission as cited above. Additional reports about that day rolled in revealing that one or more residents had given her explicit non-consent, which she disregarded until a conflict escalated and threatened to get out of hand. If Andrea is incapable of acknowledging no as a general concept when it is clearly stated to her face, it’s frightening to consider what her interpretation of more subtle forms of it might be.  Did Mama Nasarow fail to teach her daughter about respecting human autonomy (one’s own and that of others), and/or is Andrea’s lacking a functional capacity for empathy?