What is this?

In solidarity we stand against We Heart Seattle, a hate group that masquerades as a humanitarian organization. The harm they’ve caused to our city’s most vulnerable population is egregious and must be stopped.

We are a collective of concerned citizens, neighbors and activists that want to see our city and the people within it thrive. We are out on the frontlines every day, working tirelessly to end homelessness from all angles. There is nothing more demoralizing than to witness our good efforts be undone by We Heart Seattle.

This website is dedicated to exposing the truth about We Heart Seattle and the people that comprise this organization. By shining a light upon their corruption, we hope to arm the greater population with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding support of, and involvement with them.


We get our data from multiple places

First-hand Accounts

Unhoused neighbors and others share their encounters with We Heart Seattle through our incident report form.

Public Opinion

We keep our finger on the pulse of what the media and community are saying about We Heart Seattle.

Public Data

We monitor publicly available data from local law enforcement, and branches of city, county and state government.