Andrea Suarez impersonates a social worker in attempt to gain access to underaged shelter resident

March 11, 2021 | Leadership Malfeasance, Problematic Practices

A PSA is released via Twitter regarding an incident in which Andrea Suarez attempted to gain entry and access to an underaged resident of the Orion Center, claiming to be a case manager. It said:

Andrea Suarez of We Heart Seattle showed up at my job (Youthcare Orion Center) yesterday and pretended to be one of our clients case managers in an effort to enter the center and gain information about our clients. My Co-worker (a case manager) had to explain to her what HIPAA and ROIs were and obviously denied her access into our center and denied her any information regarding our clients. Just a heads up for any other folks that work at shelters or engagement centers.

Impersonation of a licensed case manager is illegal under Washington state law.