Andrea Suarez comes down with a bad case of satanic panic

January 2, 2022

Reported by a comrade that supports our neighbors at Woodland Park:

A resident of the park called one of our volunteers and said “They’re kicking us out of the park.” Our volunteer hurried over to the park but found no posting or other sign of a sudden municipal sweep or other action. However, at the far end of the park, it turned out that We Heart Seattle had come and cleared out two campsites that had been in park shelters. Some We Heart Seattle people had apparently told a park resident that a sweep was coming, and that started the rumor that the sweep was happening that day.

In one of the two cleared-out shelters, the owner of the tents and tarps was rumored to have moved out of the park; but that shelter had also been a communal space with stored belongings of other residents of the park. All of those belongings were stolen and destroyed by We Heart Seattle. Those belongings included a pair of speakers, a flat screen TV with cable hookup, all of one person’s clothing, an expensive fully-operational drone, a generator and some DeWalt power tools. No one’s permission was asked. There were some Halloween images up in the shelter which We Heart Seattle later wildly advertised as “devil worship”.

The devil worship thread that transpired on Facebook after the park demolition