Andrea Suarez told to halt We Heart Seattle’s efforts by Seattle Mayor, City Council and a host of other government officials

February 11, 2022

Dan Strauss hosted a meeting this week in which he and eleven other government officials met with Andrea Suarez to tell her to stop what she and her group are doing.

Suarez thought she had been invited to Strauss’s meeting because the city intended to thank her.

Mayor Durkan’s office has also given clear communication that they do not condone the unsanctioned encampment sweeps We Heart Seattle conducts, nor do they approve of Suarez’s willful failure to follow the same guidelines that the city does in order to ensure that the civil and humanitarian rights of unhoused campers are upheld, and that encampments are removed safely.

Much to our surprise, none of the feedback from city government appears to have deterred Suarez from continuing to terrorize unhoused people living in Seattle’s city parks. It appears to be completely lost on her that while she’s pointing her finger at “ANTIFA protesters” (what she calls members of various local mutual aid groups) as being “dangerous radicals”, her willful dissent against government intervention intended to make cease her efforts, by definition qualifies all participants in We Heart Seattle as being just that. Andrea Suarez is the real agitator here, not mutual aid.