We’re baaaaaaack!

October 14, 2022

It’s been a minute

After an extended hiatus we’re getting back up to speed on all things We Heart Seattle. So many noteworthy things happened while we were away!

Lyle Cooper is back on the scene

As if it would just blow over after some time had gone by, Lyle Cooper has been brought back into the fold doing his old job. For those of you who don’t already know, Mr. Cooper is a convicted sex offender who had a penchant for pre-teen girls. The FBI was tipped off to his proclivities by his own brother after he began courting his eleven year old niece. Andrea Suarez has yet to acknowledge last winter’s call-out on the issue, and maintains that she’s done nothing wrong. All the while, the verbiage in their policy that excluded sex offenders from participation with We Heart Seattle has since been removed, and they’re still not informing parents that their minor children participate in trash pick-up events along side Mr. Cooper.

Ack, they’re multiplying

We Heart Portland became a thing while we were gone, complete with involvement from dirty city politicians. We have a lot to say about this, so we will return to the subject in a future post.

Ack, they’re expanding

Kevin Dahlgren’s latest campaign is an outrage against school students receiving access to Narcan and training in how to manage drug overdoses should they ever encounter a student in the midst of one. We’re not sure what this has to do with picking up garbage in parks, but he and Andrea are spouting the same sensationalist bullshit as always. We acknowledge that there is an opiate epidemic in the United States on account of an over-abundant fentanyl supply, but we also acknowledge that prohibition will never be an effective way to manage it. The position We Heart Seattle has taken on the issue is, well, very Republican.

Andrea Suarez found us out

Andrea Suarez discovered this website sometime over the summer and complained about us via one or more of her myriad conservative talk radio interviews. How we managed to exist without her knowing for as long as we did is beyond us but we’re happy for the publicity because it triggered a significant influx of traffic on this site. We’ve received some pretty choice hate mail since then, and this right here boys and girls is how we know we’re doing our jobs.

Our first money donations

We received our first charitable contributions. A big, heart felt THANK YOU to all of our supporters. It means more than you know.