Andrea Suarez asks neighbor “If I get you a new phone will you call me your social worker?”

February 4, 2022

The same resident told us another story about this same meeting. Note that Andrea Suarez has no training nor any licensing as a social worker or case manager. She has lied about being a case manager in an attempt to get information about individuals. She then lied repeatedly about that incident of lying, and later doubled-down on it and said that she doesn’t need training or licensing.

The Exchange

[A] was saying that he needed a new phone. Andrea Suarez said she could get him a phone but she asked him, in front of everybody “Do you really need a phone or are you just going to sell it for drugs?”

I couldn’t believe she would say that to someone. [A] said that he just needed a phone. So she said to him “Okay. If I get you a phone, can I be your new social worker?”

It’s like she’s a predator. Preying on vulnerable people. That’s how it felt.