Kevin Dahlgren Indicted on another 6 counts of Theft & Misconduct

December 7, 2023 | Leadership Malfeasance, Problematic Practices

On November 28th, a second set of indictments were brought against former We Heart Seattle board president Kevin Dahlgren, making for a total of 25 charges against him. This time around, he was indicted on six felony and misdemeanor counts of theft, identity theft and misconduct as follows:

  • 2 felony counts of Identity Theft
  • 2 misdemeanor counts of Theft
  • 2 misdemeanor counts of Official Misconduct

Counsel has been retained

Following Dahlgren’s first arraignment hearing in early November, where he opted for a public defender to represent him in his case, he retained private counsel by the name of James O’Rourke Jr. Said attorney has appeared as his representation in the second case as well.

There are currently two separate cases filed

Currently, the additional charges exist under a separate case number from the original set of 19 charges. It is likely that the two cases will be consolidated, as the first hearing date in the new case is also set to occur on December 20th, 2023, the same date as the original case.

Read the indictment document here

Both pages of the indictment document and a screenshot of the case docket obtained from the Oregon Judicial System online case search are included below. Once again, the prosecution is going for consecutive sentencing rather than the default of concurrent sentencing.