Part 1 of 3: The circus that was We Heart Seattle’s Friday afternoon Reddit AMA in /r/SeattleWA

February 20, 2022

New shit has come to light, man, and there’s enough of it to warrant making this a two-part post. Next up will be an update about Ballard’s very own Charles Woodward, A.K.A the Lawnmower Man, but first, more about Friday’s Reddit AMA that was the catalyst to it.

Setting Low Expectations

We had low expectations that an AMA on /r/SeattleWA, a subreddit moderated by a serial rapist and notorious for being Seattle’s most racist/classist/insert-your-favorite-ism, would be any different than the dozens of other only-favorable media appearances Andrea Suarez had orchestrated preceding it. But we popped our popcorn and circled our chairs anyway in the off chance that someone would ask a hard question that We Heart Seattle couldn’t avoid answering, or that their effort to do so would speak volumes about on its own.

The Same Bullshit Sandwich

In many ways, it was exactly the same bullshit sandwich as ever. Most of the AMA participants asked questions conveniently engineered to set Andrea Suarez and Kevin Dahlgren up as contenders for an Olympic gold medal in the Humblebrag event, meanwhile both Suarez and Dahlgren dodged all but one critical question, to which they acknowledged with the usual bait and switch of requesting to move the conversation to another time and place that wasn’t the present one. Needless to say, when the Redditor who asked it declined to play along, they made no further effort to address the prompting question despite multiple additional requests from other AMA participants.


Broken Record

Unsurprisingly, We Heart Seattle pushed a narrative that would have innocent bystanders believe they’ve been bullied by every single organization, politician, and mutual aid volunteer alike that has had anything critical to say about them, all while riding their moral high horse along the road of “we don’t have time for the haters because we have too much litter to pick up in our city parks, and many homeless criminals people who live in them to take out with the trash help”.

In other words, it was just another Tuesday Friday, folks.

Follow The Story

Stay tuned for an imminent update re: Mr Woodward! If you’re curious in the mean time, Alycia Ramirez has already begun covering the issue on Twitter and you can follow it there.