Part 2 of 3: The status update We Heart Seattle will never give you about Charles Woodward (aka Lawnmower Man)

February 21, 2022

On the outs with city government

In late October of 2021, in an orchestrated effort by the Seattle mayor, city council and officials representing multiple other governmental departments, Andrea Suarez was told that We Heart Seattle needs to halt its efforts.  The city was attempting to connect all who were living outdoors at the Ballard Commons with long-term shelter prior to an imminent sweep of the location. We Heart Seattle’s presence was preventing them from effectively accomplishing this, and they therefore needed the org to refrain from any further interference. Mayor Jenny Durkan followed that request with a cease and desist stating that the city could not condone citizen-led encampment cleanups due to their general safety risk and the necessity for adherence with procedures that Suarez and team would not be able to support as untrained civilians.

Given that Suarez went into the October meeting believing that councilman Strauss had called it in order to thank Suarez for her efforts, she was irreverent at the feedback that what she and her org were doing was problematic in any way.

Charles Woodward

In November of 2021, Charles Woodward had been living on the sidewalk of a Ballard residential neighborhood for several years. He tormented them with unreasonably loud music at all hours of the day and night, and had amassed a collection of broken down vehicles and dozens of lawnmowers in various states of disrepair over the duration. The situation had deteriorated to such an extent that Mr. Woodward would yell profanities at residents of the surrounding houses at any attempt to approach him, and feeling like they were left with no other option to reasonably negotiate with him, they filed for and were awarded a restraining order against Mr. Woodward, which they were about to have enforced when Andrea Suarez rolled up on the scene.

Smile for the camera

In keeping with our understanding that Suarez does not make public appearances without an entourage of camera crew in tow, this moment was no exception. She and her team swooped in with the admiring Jonathan Choe of KOMO 4 News reporting the blow by blow as Mr. Woodward appeared to be amicable in the hauling away of his collection of lawnmowers for a small sum of money. The news coverage would have you believe that We Heart Seattle had made special inroads with Mr. Woodward that no one else had been able to, and that they were helping to end life on the street for him by setting him up with stable work and housing.

Even at the time, this stunt appeared to be a grab at winning back the favor of the city, and failing that, one designed to garner enough support from the media and Seattle residents that Suarez could thwart the disapproval of local government and continue operating in defiance of its mandate. Their growing base of supporters were up in arms that the city would dare tell an organization cleaning up literal tons of trash from city parks free of charge while simultaneously helping the homeless people living in them secure placement in detox and various other forms of housing and It appeared as though there would be no consequences for We Heart Seattle’s not-so-peaceful dissent against the city. Suarez got a lot of mileage out of this story with conservative media, with invitations to roughly a half dozen podcast interviews in rapid succession along side a continued singing of praises by Mr. Choe all across social media in addition to his production of news segments for KOMO 4.

Coming out of the closet

This culmination of factors and events were every conservative’s wet dream for a mantle that enabled them to couch the city’s rising homeless population and all of the accompanying problems that could be attributed to it, as the fault of the libtards who engineered the homeless industrial complex that lines their coffers, and for which they would fight fervently to ensure its continued survival. And Holy Closet Republicans Batman, Andrea Suarez is one of them! She touts herself a blue-blooded bleeding heart liberal but every single move she makes (and most of the words she says if you’re listening even halfheartedly) tells a different story that supports interests widely recognized to be those of trump supporters, white nationalists and other pockets of fringe conservatism.