The controversy isn’t manufactured and we have the receipts to prove it

December 28, 2022

We receive a lot of fan mail from WHS members and supporters that call us liars and denounce the truth of what we report on this site, and hurl accusations at us that do not stop short of us being personally responsible for causing all homelessness, which is in keeping with this theme wherein our true intention for maintaining this site is solely motivated by the profit margins of the corrupt government agencies and corporations we supposedly serve.

While we are generally deeply amused by such rich story telling, we also believe that it is crucial to challenge revisionist historians by shining some light on their distortion campaigns. The blame shifting that typically comes along with them is meant to cause a diversion away from focus upon the devastating impact of their own misdeeds. This aggression will not stand, man.

Thanks to the 1967 federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), most, if not all of We Heart Seattle’s interaction with government agencies is a matter of public record. This data is obtainable by any US citizen for no more than the cost required to produce the records. To give you a sense of what that equates to, records for an inquiry made to four different city government agencies simultaneously would cost a minimum of $6 to obtain (we’ve never exceeded $10 in total cost).

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried

Manifest of natural law, humans will invariably choose the path of least resistance. It is true across the whole of physics that events will occur in a manner that requires the least amount of energy expenditure. Therefore, it does not stand to reason that we would choose to fabricate such a grandiose and intricate fiction such as we’ve been accused.

The reason our readers can trust that we are reporting truthfully is as easy an explanation as that we lack time and energy to waste on disseminating false propaganda. Calling things out just as we see them is the path of least resistance and inversely, control by oppression requires a lot of work and if there ever was a world in which that was our jam, we’d incontrovertibly be a lot more creative than the way things are in present day.

Appeals to reason haven’t really worked for us in the past

We’re certainly under no illusion that they will suddenly begin to work for us now either. This is why we come bearing the fruits of FOIA requests fulfilled by several city government agencies that have interacted with We Heart Seattle on some level over the last year. This is the real deal, on the record and etched into the history books.

Towing the party line

Below is a screenshot of a post to the We Heart Seattle Facebook group by Andrea Suarez last week. She tagged Real Change News in its contents, thanking them for a recent writeup in the publication that was less scathing than usual, where she was apparently also unable to resist an opportunity to plug the We Heart Seattle party line of categorical denial of all transgressions.

❝We don’t throw away homeless property and the controversy is manufactured.❞

Andrea Suarez, We Heart Seattle

The evidence is damning

Unlike the many reports we’ve fielded here from mutual aid volunteers and park residents themselves, which our opposers are quick to strike down as illegitimate for whatever reason they can concoct that conveniently allows them to do so, our FOIA requests have unearthed many more that cannot be so easily discounted. There are many letters written to city officials in various governmental offices, ranging from the Mayor’s office and city council, to the Parks department and beyond, recanting lackluster experiences with We Heart Seattle that don’t support Suarez’s party line.

A shining example

Dated December 14th, 2021, written to city officials by an outraged mother relaying her homeless son’s recent experience with We Heart Seattle.

❝Without any notice or offers of help of any kind, Andrea Suarez and members of her vigilante group waited until my son was away from his tent, rushed in, and completely demolished it and destroyed all of his belongings (which are very few) and left them in the pouring rain. Lead by Andrea, when they saw him returning to the site they hopped into their car and sped off! They could care less about helping him or even giving him a chance to move his stuff.❞

Read the full letter here

Just the tip of the iceberg

We have thousands of pages of records to pour through, and we are certain that there will be much more to come.

Threats of legal action will not deter us (here’s looking at you Mr. Emerson). Slander and libel claims only have legal standing when untrue statements have been made with the express purpose of causing harm and nothing we’ve shared on this website is even in the slightest bit fictional, though we truly wish it were.