We Heart Seattle appears as case study in: Disingenuous vs. Bad Faith: Arguments and the Way We Receive Them

October 22, 2021 | Commentary & Satire

Except from the article, by Ray Dubicki

Vigilante sweeps group We Heart Seattle has a number of failures. And their perspective — that it just takes grit and a few trash cans to solve homelessness — is demonstrably false. But their disingenuous message is a hopeful one. Homelessness is easily solvable. We all just need to roll up our sleeves and get ‘er done.

To those who pay attention, We Heart Seattle’s got a trail filled with with misrepresentation and broken promises. But listening to their supporters suggests a level of hope. Disingenuous arguments have a generally positive impact on the listener. Hey, we can build the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link, at ten times the price and raised from the ground. Hey, we can reopen the West Seattle Bridge if we kind of ignore safety and liability. Hey, we can solve homelessness with just a bit more can-do spirit.

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