We Heart Seattle volunteers laughed about trashing a resident’s tent and irreplaceable pictures of their children

January 29, 2022

One resident was present during a visit by We Heart Seattle. The resident told us “They were going in if nobody’s home, and if it doesn’t look pristine, they take it.

Recanted on behalf of a Dexter encampment resident, with more details forthcoming:

WHS came out and trashed people’s tents when they weren’t home. They just asked another resident who said go ahead.

Some of the workers were even laughing about it when they were told that it was people’s stuff.

A couple, [A] and her partner, were getting cleaned up showering off site and came back and their tent was gone. [A] lost pictures of her kids.


This pattern of behavior is indefensible, but an apology would certainly be a novel place to start nonetheless. However, frogs will sooner rain from the sky so we won’t be holding out breath over here.