We Heart Seattle Child Sex Offender Cover Up

January 29, 2022

It’s been a week now since the news about Lyle Cooper broke and We Heart Seattle has yet to answer to the charge that by working closely with him, they knowingly endanger both minor adults and vulnerable people.

Sadly, it gets worse.

Andrea Suarez, We Heart Seattle’s founder and fearless leader, deleted comments in the official Facebook group for the organization made by two separate individuals attempting to raise the issue for discussion. She additionally declined to approve a post submitted to the group for the same purpose.  Similarly, it’s been crickets in response to the flurry of activity about the subject on Twitter. By all appearances, We Heart Seattle has no intention of acknowledging the issue as if ignoring it will just make it go away.

Lacking an official statement from the organization, we are left to draw our own conclusions about what this means.

We believe they’ve known all along and simply do not care about the risks and potential danger. They’ve never cared about consent before, so why would it be any different in this case?

We are at a loss for words. What we can say at the moment is that we will not let this go.

The receipts of the aforementioned deleted Facebook threads are in the image carousel at the top of this post for good measure.