We Heart Seattle destroys the home and personal belongings of a Dexter encampment resident for the THIRD time

January 29, 2022 | False Claims, Home Destroyed

The shock when we hear these stories never lessens regardless on how much we expect this kind of behavior from We Heart Seattle.

At another large camp near downtown Seattle, residents told volunteers that We Heart Seattle has removed as many as half the tents, all without consent of the owners of the tents. One resident of the camp has lost three tents on visits by We Heart Seattle, all because he didn’t happen to be home when they came to do what they call “clean up and outreach”. That resident lost ID, watches, valuable jade pieces and other belongings.

A written account of the incident from said resident:

They came beginning January, while I was not in my tent. When I came back, my home and everything was just all gone. It was the 3rd tent that they trashed. All the supplies that a mutual aid group had given me were gone. I’ve been sleeping in friends tents. I lost my ID, valuable Jade pieces, watches, clothes, everything. I’m so angry they just destroyed all my stuff.


This story speaks for itself and no further commentary is needed.